Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Umbrella Brigade

Whitey has teamed up with members of the Brickbats (with whom Stiffs Inc split a 7" single and often performed back in the day) to release a new Umbrella Brigade album called Marchen. The previous Umbrella Bridade wasn't really to my taste, but I love the new one - it's still more electronic than anything by Stiffs Inc, but sounds like a logical next album after Electric Chair Theatre would have sounded. I feel almost as though I'm listening to a new Stiffs Inc album with this one!

From the website you can get a special version that includes a book with a CD, or you can get it for 9.99 on iTunes.  I hope to have more info about this soon; for now, here's the video for "Take Back the Witch."

1 comment:

  1. Absentmindedly, one wanders around the web, until suddenly they discover that which turns their head right around.

    Thank you so much for this. Stiffs, Inc. remain like a cancer from which I cannot be cured... They are simply the musical pinnacle for me and they should be ashamed of themselves for infecting me so.

    I cannot wait to consume this entire thing like the delicious treat which I am sure that it is. Hopefully my request for it is fulfilled.

    And, I must say, you have been providing a monumental service for years upon years upon years and it has not gone unappreciated. Thank you for that, sincerely.