Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Umbrella Brigade

Whitey has teamed up with members of the Brickbats (with whom Stiffs Inc split a 7" single and often performed back in the day) to release a new Umbrella Brigade album called Marchen. The previous Umbrella Bridade wasn't really to my taste, but I love the new one - it's still more electronic than anything by Stiffs Inc, but sounds like a logical next album after Electric Chair Theatre would have sounded. I feel almost as though I'm listening to a new Stiffs Inc album with this one!

From the website you can get a special version that includes a book with a CD, or you can get it for 9.99 on iTunes.  I hope to have more info about this soon; for now, here's the video for "Take Back the Witch."

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Electric Chair Theatre on iTunes

Though digital copies of NIX NOUGHT NOTHING are difficult to come by at the moment, the once-rare Electric Chair Theatre, the fantastic second album, is now available on iTunes. Set up a playlist and match it to Metropolis!

Electric Chair Theatre - Stiffs, Inc.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stiffs Inc Autographs

Obtained at the last show on the back of the next to last show poster for Mr. Meenee by Miss Cheeser. Thanks a million billion 13 years later, Kelly! The set-list at the top is from the Lynn Von and Gor Benefit.

Next-to-Last Show Poster

Sent by someone who did not enjoy the Bad Popes.
That Jesse Malin played on a bill with Stiffs Inc fascinates me.

Final Show Playing Card

A playing card thrown from the stage at the final concert, sent to Mr. Meenee by the late Paul Morden of the Brickbats (RIP)