To call this "news" is something of a stretch, but here is the old news:


8 August 2005
Mr. Boering has elected to release stiffs inc rarities via his webpage for a limited time. Please regard
These will include several previously unheard songs and performances! Make all due haste!

A missive from Mister WF Sterling indicates that his current project, The Umbrella Bridage, will makes its debut on April 11th, at a venue noted on the page. He hastens to point out that the show has been moved from midnight to 11:30, and all claims on fliers that the show is at midnight are incorrect.

The website includes an mp3 of a song entitled "unsown." Do enjoy it at once.

The band previously known as Coke is currently known as Beaut. It features Lost Forever on vocals, Paul Twinkle (nee Boering) on guitar, and Basket (nee Bryn Mars) on drums. Please don't hesitate to regard their website at

If one should happen to approach, one can hear music by the band below described, and view a trailer for the movie below described, in which member(s) of the former Stiffs, Inc may be viewed in the background.

In early July in the year of 2002, the following missive was received from the former keyboardist of those corporation formerly known as The Stiffs. It is reprinted with the kind permission of the author.

This is the rubI am byron lang aka brian damage
my current musical project is called 3Puen (pronounced PYOON - the 3 is silent) of which I am one third
the other two thirds are flloyd (voice) and ingrid von sterling (voice)
we have many many many many guest musicians of which may or may not be at any one time members of stiffs incorporated heretofore above mentioned unmentionables.
We are also welcoming anyone with fresh money-making ideas into the studio.
I am also pursuing something that some refer to as a hightened state of being; but I call it beef curtain. Beef curtain may or may not include present or ex-members of groups with names like stiffs incorporated and/or coke. Beef curtain is NOW. Beef curtain ingredients: contains one cocky raccoon, one very busy goose, and a mane-shaking jingle-horse. Batteries included, but never needed.
Mr. Sterling and I will be contributing to soundtrack to upcoming film JACK THE RIPPER (Chambermade 2002). Members of stiffs incorporated may or may not have very very small cameos in said film.
Mr. Sterling and I also plan to explore the avenue of filmmaking very very soon.
We hope to have more information as this very exciting story unfolds. Thank you for your time and cooperation.
Heretofore from now on please refer to me as