1. Destroy All Art b/w Chelsea - 7" record

2. Blown Away Baby b/w Work Work Work Work - 7"

3. Chelsea b/w Mary Pickford (album versions) - 7"

4. One Chord Wonders / Engineering2 - 7"
split single with Jonathan Fire*Eater
5. Panic in the Springtime - 7"
split single with The Brickbats

B: 12" Single1. Richard
also includes two dance remixes of "The Magician" and
a "Pre version" of "Noughty Boys."


1. Nix Nought Nothing - 1995, Onion Records  (CD and Vinyl)
Songs: "Chelsea," "Sad Song," "250624," "Space Nothing," "Fairy Tales," "Generation Crap," "Engineering," "Blown Away Baby," "Work Work Work," "Quick, Watson!" "Mary Pickford," "Die Mother Die," "Fear in the Night"

2. Electric Chair Theatre Presents - 1997, Gladglum (CD only) (What Mr. Meenee would do for a vinyl...)

Now on iTunes:

Electric Chair Theatre - Stiffs, Inc.

Songs: "To Be," "GoldDiggers of 1996," "I, New," "All My Hate," "Hits for MGM," "Engineering Cubed," "Double Indemnity," "Noughty Boys," "Dance of the PKZ," "Angels," "The Magician," "St. Vitus Says," "For Your Love," "Outro: To the Egress," "Caligari Wonders," "Pearl Three," "Indemnity Overture," "Richard."

NOTE: While the second record is a bit on the rare side on CD, it can be ordered online without too much trouble. Many of the above items can be ordered throughhttp://www.middlepillar.com

1: Live Show - a 20+min live show was once on the official webpage in realaudio format circa 1996. I don't have a good quality copy.

Songs: "Outro: To the Egress," "Space Nothing," "250624," "Panic in the Springtime," "Engineering Cubed," "Quick, Watson!," "GoldDiggers of 1996," and "The Magician."

2: Compilation album - two songs were released on a compilation album, Curse of the Hearse. It is now nearly impossible to find.

3: Mordent Matinee - video tape. Includes short films and live footage.

Songs include: "The Third Man / Space Nothing," "Destroy All Art," "Work Work Work," "The Magician," "Death Takes a Bride / Richard."
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